My name is Thomas Murphy and my fascination with exotic, extraordinary grained woods from around the world has led me to a lifetime pursuit in creating uniquely designed functional furniture and sculpture.  Along with an early apprenticeship with Jim Dowd of Woodstock, New York, my designs are strongly influenced by such masters as Frank Lloyd Wright, George Nakashima, and Jae Nyo Lee.  My appeal is found in the discerning collector/decorator with an appreciation of wood's inherent beauty and natural art form.

Over the past 30 years, I have successfully completed studies in New York City across a number of disciplines, including fine art, exotic woodcarving, sculpture, cabinetmaking, lapidary, silversmithing, and cloisonne.

In addition to creating my current collection and numerous commissioned assignments, I have collaborated on a number of highly creative projects with stonemasons, metalsmiths, welders, and blacksmiths, and most recently with Fabio Alberti, master cabinetmaker.  Most of my work can be found in homes around the country; some pieces as old as 30 years which look as they did the day they were created.  Some recent pieces can be seen at J. Michael Moore's Studio on 75th Street & Sutton on the upper east side of Manhattan.